Gama Bomb new album title and release date

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From Twitter: Our new album is called Tales From The Grave In Space and will be released November 5th. Awwwright!

They've also stated that one of the new songs is called Apocalypse 1997. Looks to be about Terminator.

Head On Collision-"The Sacrificial Tour"

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SACRILEGIO: Entire New Album Available For Streaming

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"The Ultimate Abomination", the debut album from Puerto Rico's speed/thrash metal band SACRILEGIO, is available for streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace page. The stream will be available for the next two days — until August 15.

"The Ultimate Abomination" is scheduled for release at the end of August through Khaosmaster Productions. The CD was recorded at Noise Of Fire studios (DANTESCO) and mixed and mastered at the Sonic Train studios in Varberg, Sweden with Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND).

"The Ultimate Abomination" features the following ten songs:

01. The Traitor
02. Karma
03. Beyond the Darkness of the Night
04. Pagarán con Sangre
05. Zona Cero
06. Shadows of Fear
07. Gods of the Underworld
08. Lepanto
09. Dark Purity
10. Abominations of Desolation

Formed in 2003, SACRILEGIO has shared the stage with such bands as TESTAMENT, DEADLY BLESSING, OMEN, STRIKEMASTER and DANTESCO.

Ruben leaves Bonded By Blood

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Posted on the band's MySpace:

Yes its true. Ruben(Boobie RAD RUDO) whatever you wanna call him. Is leaving BBB due to personal reasons. There is no bad blood between us and we will miss him. He is more than a band mate to us he is our brother. If any of you have ever met the guy you know he is the life of the party. To 4 great yrs we have had together. We love you and wish you the best. Please come say goodbye to our good friend on Aug 1st.

On a side note. This will not stop or break BBB. We have already found a bassist who will be named shortly after the Aug 1st show. Ruben himself is teaching him the songs. We are also working really hard on album number 2. It will sure to break some faces.

Anger As Art Issues Recording Update

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California thrashers Anger As Art have issued the following recording update:

"So, here it is, Saturday AM. Looking back on the last 2 weeks, it is hard to believe that so much has been accomplished in such a short period of time, and with such good results.

"I went in on Tuesday, feeling... well, not sick, but just kind of funky. Motivation and all was correct, knocked out 6 songs. Back in on Thursday, did my last 4, had Danny do his vocal parts, and we nailed it. We go back on Monday to start hitting guitar solos, and gang backing vocals. Honestly, we will start mixing by next week. We are so far ahead of schedule and budget (still are on this day anyway... lol). I honestly think that we can be finished with mixing by August 20. I don't think I have EVER done a full length album in exactly one month. Again, we are not racing the clock - it is just going that smooth!

"More updates as they happen!"